Resettlement Floor

Resettlement Floor at O’Hanlon House

“I get peace of mind, security and a place to re-establish my life” 
O’Hanlon House resident

Are you currently using our Emergency Accommodation? Would you like to spend longer at O’Hanlon House, working in depth on the issues that have led to your becoming homeless? If so, we encourage you to self-refer to our separate Resettlement Floor.

All new O’Hanlon House clients are met and assessed by a Resettlement Worker. You also are welcome to talk to a member of the Resettlement Team at any time to find out more about our Resettlement Floor.

Once you have been accepted, you will be be invited to move to accommodation on the Resettlement Floor. You will work with staff on your personal support plan as part of your licence agreement to remain on the Resettlement Floor. We will support you in addressing why you are homeless, and help you to avoid becoming homeless again in the future.

Your support plan may include:

  • Planning to achieve goals and aspirations.
  • Identifying and working towards realistic housing options.
  • Tackling entrenched habits, such as substance misuse.
  • Participation in a resettlement training programme.
  • Engaging in volunteering.
  • Exploring future employment options.
  • Accessing sporting and leisure facilities.
  • Tackling personal fitness and hygiene issues.