Julian Housing

Julian Housing

Supporting people to independence

“Here you learn to accept and live with other people and yourself!” 
Former resident

Three housesJulian Housing is all about change! Julian Housing provides supported second stage housing in the community. Our services are designed for people who are currently or have been homeless, and are ready to make a positive change to their lifestyle.

Our committed staff team work with the men and women living at Julian Housing to move forward with genuine changes in their lives and prepare for moving on to permanent, independent housing.

Accessing Julian Housing

We are unable to accept self-referrals and all applications are made through a referring agency, such as O’Hanlon House, Simon House, Lucy Faithfull House, The Elmore Team, Probation Service, Street Services Team or various other organisations.

Referral agents must provide evidence of the need for supported accommodation and to facilitate this, Julian Housing asks that referrers have established a good working relationship over a period of 3 months with the person wishing to apply.

In addition, Julian Housing is unable to accept referrals from those who have used drugs on a regular basis within the last 3 months or are chaotically using alcohol. However, we are able to offer support and testing for those who are recovering from drug or alcohol problems and want to maintain their progress.

We have a limited number of rooms that can accommodate pet owners.

Referral agents are invited to download our Referral Application Pack (pdf file) or contact us to request a copy.

People who come to Julian Housing are aged 25 or over, and are motivated to work on the things that led to them being homeless with support to do this from the staff team. Men and women interested in coming to Julian Housing may be homeless, living in vulnerable housing or hostel-type accommodation, or recently released from prison.

We aim to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with a wide range of support needs, disabilities or other issues.

Thank you to our funder

Julian Housing is funded by Supporting People.