Day Services

Day Services at O’Hanlon House

“Staff do activities with clients: cooking classes, art, helping with budgeting, going for walks, visiting sights around Oxford and many more. I think activities are a great way of getting the clients to mix with one another, and they are also a great way to help people build up their confidence and boost self-esteem.”
Sue, Project Worker

If you used our Emergency Accommodation the night before, you have automatic entry to our Day Services.

Access to the Day Services by non-residents, including rough sleepers and street drinkers, is by referral only. Ask the Street Services Team to refer you. If you are already housed and still need support, ask your housing provider or floating support team to refer you.

Day Services clients have access to the same facilities as O’Hanlon House residents. A light lunch is provided.

Our Project Workers will help you to develop a personal support plan to help you address your problems and identify your goals for the future. You can take part in our Training, Education & Activities programmes as part of your support plan.

Day Services opening hours are 9am – 3.30pm, every day of the week.